Underlit countertops are awesome. They can take your kitchen, bathroom or wet bar to a whole new level. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when you secretly switch on the underlit granite countertop of your kitchen island and they gasp in surprise!

We’ve already explained why translucent countertops are no longer just a feature in high end establishments, and we’ve explained why Lumix granite is a better choice than onyx. So no you’re probably wonder how exactly you install underlit countertops.

Underlit Countertops Installation

Back lighting, or under lighting, a countertop, fireplace, island or any granite surface usually involves installing a layer of LED paneling underneath it. This only requires some basic cuts and wiring that you can see a full tutorial watch the video below.

This is an beginner to intermediate level DIY job, but something one of our many trusted fabricators can handle. The two biggest LED panel providers seem to be:

  • Nu-World
  • TylerCoInc.

Nu-World claims their lights will last 60k hours before replacement. So at 4 hours of use a day, that’s 41 years and 20 years at 8 hours/day before you’ll need to replace them.

TylerCoInc. is a bit more conservative and estimates 20 years of use before replacement. The LED panels can also be cut to fit curves and any other angles that you might need. Just look at this curving bar with Lumix granite: That would look nice in your newly finished basement or could seal the deal when you’re looking to sell!

Since Lumix is a relatively new option for translucent countertops there aren’t many photos to show you yet, but we hope you can start to envision the myriad of places that you could use it.

How about your outside bar? Imagine the soft glow as your lounging by the pool on a warm summer’s night.

What if you did a whole granite shower with backlighting? That would be stunning.

A headboard?

A full slab that would be the focal point of your living room?

Let your imagination run wild!