What was once an uncommon luxury, kitchen islands are now a staple seen in plenty of households. Most of them are simply continuations of the existing kitchen design and materials, but others have been modified to fit the needs of a customized lifestyle and style preferences. As technology and supply-chain processes have progressed, kitchen designs that were once unobtainable to the average homeowner can now be easily achieved. Kitchen islands are a beloved feature in so many homes. The options are endless in terms of their arrangement and overall look. Whether you’re looking for a typical granite island to match your space, or something more funky to let your personality shine, kitchen islands are a great design highlight for nearly every home.

Generic Matching Countertop 

The most common kinds of kitchen islands you will typically come across are continuations of the existing countertops and cabinet colors. This is a popular option because it allows for a constant flow of design throughout your space. You could also save money with this option by utilizing the stone used for your outer countertops and paint or cabinets from the walls. This option tends to look great with islands of any size. Whether you’re looking to fill a larger area with an island or just a narrow space, islands with a cohesive countertop look stunning and take the functionality and design of your kitchen to the next level.

Multi-Level Countertop

Multi-level countertops are great for those who love to take advantage of eat-in kitchens. Having a spot to hang out or enjoy some food at the counter has become an increasingly popular addition to many kitchen renovations. A multi-level island allows for food preparation and other tasks to be done on the existing countertop space, but with the addition of another level either above or below the outer edge. The extra level separates the space that people can sit down to eat with where the actual kitchen activities take place. Many designers add that additional island level on top to allow for bar-like seating surrounding the kitchen. Many enjoy installing it as a lower level so it can be at the same height as dining tables and other areas of the home. Some kitchens even have the backside of their islands made into seating nooks or additional storage for better strategic performance and thoughtful design.

Double Island

Double islands are a newer trend making a name for themselves on home renovation shows and among designers. A double island is essentially two islands (usually of the same size) placed horizontally alongside one another. They work well in larger kitchen areas and for people in need of more countertop space. Much of the time, the first island nearest the rest of the kitchen will be designated for typical kitchen activities and preparing food. The other island often gets utilized as a dining table or place to gather. Lining it with bar stools or comfy seats for family and friends to enjoy will create a more connected flow throughout the kitchen. 

Butcher Block

For those with existing kitchens without an island, a butcher block island may be the right move for you to avoid renovation and enormous amounts of extra cost. Butcher blocks are usually a few hundred dollars and can easily be placed anywhere in your space. They often come with wheels or are generally effortless to move around if you need. The beauty of butcher blocks is that they’re extremely functional and serve a purpose beyond just looking great. Butcher blocks have a surface made for chopping and cutting-up whatever you need while cooking. Since it’s just a cutting board surface, you’ll also need to worry a lot less about maintenance and whether your island has been damaged at all. Butcher block islands also tend to come with storage underneath equipped with cabinets, wine racks, and even knife holders for all of your chopping needs.


Similar to butcher blocks, many people like to utilize tables for kitchen islands rather than actually installed structures. Table islands are a great design technique in kitchens because there’s so much flexibility and customization that you can do to make it your own. You could even put in a table that has a natural stone top to create a more united movement through your kitchen space. Many homeowners like to put in stainless steel tables similar to those of restaurant kitchens and industrial workplaces. These are great functionally and flow nicely with modern designs and existing stainless steel appliances. Regardless of the island you choose for your space, they are a fantastic design feature and work wonders for the overall functionality and purpose of your kitchen.