You’ve just completed your new granite countertops and have left over pieces of granite, but have no idea what to do with them. Many homeowners don’t know that when your renovation is complete you are entitled to the granite remnants that are left over from your installation. You’ve purchased them, they’re yours. But what to do with them is another dilemma altogether.

Granite remnants are a great way to complete other projects around the house without the added price of new materials, and in some instances can lead to valued pieces in the home or garden that you never considered before finding a use for your remnants.

While you can sell your remnants, as there is a profitable market for them, using the pieces may even add more value to your home. Here are several ways that you can use your remnants:


granite remanats for contemporary serving trays

granite remnants for business card holders

granite remnants are excellent for granite coffee tables

use granite remnants for a rustic patio design

Even use granite remnants for modern fireplace design