Kitchen are often the most used spaces in our home. During the holidays they become an entertainment space, the center of the home. But stainless steal appliances, cold tiled floors and backsplashes can often leave your kitchen feeling like a boring, chilly, plain space.

It’s not always easy to warm up such a space. But there are both small and large things you can do to liven up and add warmth to your kitchen.


Add A Warming Drawer

Keep your desserts and other dishes warm as the feast goes on. Prepare something early on and keep it warm until you’re ready to enjoy it. This may be literally adding warmth to your kitchen, but it’s certainly a desirable one.

Warming Drawer


Use Two Tones And Contrast

As seen below, the kitchen island has both a different color, and different countertops. Even though the rest of the kitchen is a neutral white, the island stands out as the centerpiece, making this kitchen far more dynamic and warm. They’ve also used wood in various places to add interest and that warm natural look.

Two Tones And Contrast


Bright Colors

By using colors with high impact for your walls and cabinets, you are instantly adding warmth to the space. In typical kitchens, the walls and cabinets are white, or wood, and in some cases black. But adding vibrant colors, or even soft colors like grey or  blue (which is increasing in popularity) gives your kitchen the ability to speak for itself. It’s not just a functional space, it’s a space you and your family will want to return to over and over again.


Add Brick

You have to admit, there is nothing that says warmth better than brick. It’s been surrounding fireplaces and has been the foundation for millions of homes for decades. Adding just a touch of it here or there makes all the difference. Believe it or not, adding brick doesn’t require much by way of renovation. There are companies that create brick veneer that can be added to the wall as simply ass adding a backsplash.



Candles And Lanterns

Again adding literally light and warmth is one of the best ways to make your kitchen more inviting.

Candles And Lanterns


Add A Rug

Rugs give any space that pop of color that all rooms should have. By adding a rug, along with other items that would normally be in rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms (books, rugs, plants, art) you are making the space a livable one, rather than just a functional one.




Add Wood

By adding wooden shelves, panels, cutting boards, island, you are automatically creating that warmth and authenticity. It’s a rustic and natural feel gives off that cozy vibe that wood possesses.


A Combination

A light blue color, big windows, brass details, wood countertops, mirrors, a plant, a rug, and a lamp. This kitchen uses every element possible to make it bright and warm, and it completely pays off.

warmth and light to kitchen