Leathered granite is the fresh take on traditional countertops.

There have been a lot of changes in the granite market in the past ten years. You now have options. Not just with where and how you buy your granite, but with how the granite is finished, and what the edges will look like. The basic rounded edge and polished finish aren’t your only options- and good thing too, because now more than ever, homeowners are looking for a way to set their kitchens apart. To make a statement. To make it different. And if you’re one of those homeowners looking for something other than the basic, leathered granite might be the option you’re looking for.

What is leathered granite?

There are three finishes you can choose from when working with a fabricator. Those are polished, leathered, and honed.


The polished finish creates a glossy shine on the countertops, while also deepening the colors of the stone so that they are more vivid, more pronounced (but also slightly darker). The surface is smooth and completely flat.


The surface is smooth, but not shiny, allowing for more of the natural color of the stone to come out.


The surface is far more natural, both in color and in texture. It will still generally be smooth, but you will be able to see and feel the difference in this type of surface. The best thing about leathered granite is the lack of smudges and smears from fingers that you will get from a polished surface. While this isn’t what draws most people to it (most people go for the texture and appearance), but it certainly is an added benefit.

Some granite fabricators will choose a basic polish without asking. So be sure to ask if you want something different. Polished has always been popular, but leathered and honed are becoming increasingly chosen.


Leathered Granite: What Is It & Where Does it Go?

Where to use leathered granite

There is no difference in the performance of leathered granite over polished. Leathered granite will still provide you with a durable countertop that is heat resistant, scratch resistant, and long- lasting.

In fact, leathered has the advantage in that it is less maintenance. It doesn’t keep fingerprints or smudges like a polished surface does, and therefore, won’t need to be wiped off just to remove finger smudges. And if you live in a busy household and your kitchen is the heart of your home- less cleaning may be exactly what you need.

Leathered Granite: What Is It & Where Does it Go?

Use it in your kitchen, bathroom, outdoor kitchen, laundry room, basement bar countertop, wet bar… anything surface will do. That leathered granite will go great in any room, and will give your space a truly unique, and textured look that will set your countertops apart from the rest.



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