The buying process for stone has gotten a bad reputation over the years for being stressful, expensive, and misleading. Granite Liquidators strives to ease your worries and eliminate these preconceived notions that natural stone buying can’t be painless or even fun. We provide all of our customers with upfront pricing, some of the best quality slabs on the market, and wholesale stone that won’t break the bank. Our team of specialists hand-pick our supply of stone so you can ensure the utmost quality and great appearance on every inch of every slab. Granite Liquidators is different from other stone suppliers because we take immense pride in our communication with our customers. Delivering the best possible customer service and making every client who walks through the door feel like family is our mission. We’ve been a family-owned and run business since 1974. We’re different because we care. We want the best for all of our customers and hope we can provide them with natural stones that they will love for a lifetime. 

What Does it Mean to be Quarry Direct?

Here at Granite Liquidators, we supply stones to our customers directly from top quarries across the world. We’ve removed the need for a middleman, saving you time and money on the best stones. Supplying our materials directly from their source allows for unmatched quality and fewer obstacles in getting stone from the ground to your countertops. With their roots from Italy, India, Brazil, and other exotic locations around the globe, you can be sure that the natural stone you buy has a culture and quality like none other. Finding a trustworthy granite, marble, and quartzite supplier can be difficult in this day and age. So, we take pride in our products and services and guarantee you can rely on us with all of your stone needs. 

Up Front Pricing, No Gimmicks

We’ve been around long enough to know that shaky guesses and very rough estimates don’t help customers in the slightest when they’re budgeting out projects. Granite Liquidators will always give you an upfront quote with a breakdown of costs plus any additional fees for shipping or add-ons. With us, what you see is what you get. We pride ourselves on our hassle-free buying process and transparency with all of our clients. Other stone providers will often beat around the bush when it comes to giving a real price to bring in customers then mislead them later on. You’ll also often see stone providers only allowing customers to view samples rather than the entire slab. This can cause problems down the road if the slab installed doesn’t resemble that of the sample. Suppliers can also trick you into thinking the stone you’re receiving is a premium slab, but then install a similar-looking one without telling you, earning them more money and robbing you of yours. At Granite Liquidators, we make sure you know exactly which slab is yours prior to purchasing. You’ll get to choose the specific kind of stone you’d like, and particular details you want apparent at the surface. Customers have complete control over what they are purchasing and an entirely transparent process from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

Mining for natural stone used to be an extremely difficult and dangerous task. Skilled laborers and craftsmen were the only ones capable of accomplishing such a feat, leading to the stone being expensive and seen as a luxury item. But as time has gone on and technology has advanced, mining and cutting have evolved to be executed by machinery. This has reduced the process down to save hundreds for consumers and create an abundance of options from all over the world. Granite and other natural stone materials quickly grew in popularity in recent decades and are now seen as the industry standard. Unfortunately for consumers, the buying process for stone didn’t evolve with the technology. That’s where we come in. Granite Liquidators is a wholesale granite, marble, and quartzite provider. We supply stone that has been imported directly from quarries. Buying wholesale allows customers the quality of premium stone with an affordable price tag. There are a multitude of companies that provide similar stones as us, but none that come close to the quality of our products, prices, and phenomenal customer service. Give us a call today to find out for yourself why Granite Liquidators is your best local option for all things natural stone.