What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?

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What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?   What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?

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What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?

What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?   What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?

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Deciding which countertops you need for a kitchen or bathroom update is a huge decision. Choosing between granite, marble, or quartzite and the countless colors they come in for your countertops will set the tone for some of the most significant areas of your family home.

However, once you have made these pivotal choices, another vital thing to consider is what time of the year you should undertake your project.

Is It Time To Replace Your Counters?

One of the first things to consider is if your stone countertops need to be updated or if you can just put up with them for a tiny bit longer. There may be damage to your countertops, such as nicks, chips, or stains. Maybe you feel like your kitchen or bathroom is outdated and not done to your taste. Whatever reason is pushing you towards updating your countertops, work with your Denver granite supplier to find the perfect slabs.

Why Summer Is The Peak Season For Installations

To most of us, spring or summer seems like the ideal time. The warmer weather means that installers having to move in and out of your home is less of an issue for keeping your home comfortable. Plus, salads and al fresco dining are much more pleasant when it is more likely to be warm and dry outside. A summertime installation could also tie in with other events that might make the process easier for you and your family. You could have your project completed while your children are away at summer camp, or you might even choose to get the work done while the whole family is on vacation.

Replacing your countertops during the summer months will also mean that your supplier will have completed the installation work in time for the start of school and the holiday season. It is one less thing to stress about during that busy time. If you happen to be hosting friends or relatives for holiday festivities, you are doing so in your newly completed kitchen rather than the previous shabby installation.

Also, the warmer, dryer weather will mean your countertop fabricators will find it easier to work longer shifts, and the more pleasant weather affords ideal conditions for countertop adhesive to cure.

The Downside of Summer Renovations

However, with a spring or summer installation, one thing that may be a worry is increased triggers for seasonal allergy sufferers. The process will undoubtedly increase the dust and pollen coming in and moving around your home. For the more severe allergy sufferers, this might be a reason to choose a time of year that is slightly cooler in temperature but still dry, like the autumn, to change out your granite countertops.

Additionally, if you choose to have countertops installed during peak season in summer, your installer may have a busy schedule. It might be hard to get a time booked, causing delays on your project.

Why Choose a Winter Installation

Having some flexibility in your schedule and considering replacing your kitchen countertops when it is off-season could mean your renovations can be completed in less time as fewer clients are vying for the same fabricator’s time.

Likewise, you might even pay less for your countertops if you choose a quieter time of year. Your granite wholesaler might have clearance stock available towards the end of the year. You could grab some premium countertops at a bargain price because it is the last of that season’s stock. Or you might be able to take advantage of any holiday offers that crop up around Thanksgiving or Christmas by carrying out your countertop project during the slower season.

When Weather Impacts Your Project

But the winter weather can have a significant negative impact on your installation process. Not only will your home be colder because workers will have to move in and out of the property, but they will unavoidably bring mud, snow, or ice melt in with them. Sometimes countertop installation may require plumbing to be disconnected and reconnected, and the cold Colorado temperatures can cause issues with this that might add unforeseen delays and expense to the project. It is especially true in bathroom projects and something to consider if those are the countertops you want to replace.

Ultimately, the best time to update your granite countertops is when you feel it works best. Carrying out a massive renovation project like replacing your granite countertops will enormously impact you and your home life, whenever you choose to have it done. Making the project fit around your life and being as convenient as possible for you is what matters, and our experts can help with this regardless of the time of year you need the work to happen. As long as you have factored in all the relevant rewards and risks, you will know the best time to begin the project and will surely be happy with the completed look.


Granite countertops are a popular choice among homeowners due to their strength and beauty. Unfortunately, these surfaces may need replacing over time due to wear and tear. The ideal time to replace your granite countertops is during spring or summer when temperatures are mild enough for installation and less likely to sustain damage from extreme weather conditions. Plus, you can take advantage of seasonal deals from manufacturers and contractors too. Make sure you plan for an easy installation process that won’t cause any stress or hassle.

What Season Is Best To Replace Your Granite Countertops?