The benefits of purchasing your granite wholesale might surprise you.

When starting your search for natural stone countertops, you’re most likely looking for the best price possible, while still retaining quality. Really, there are a few ways you can achieve great prices. The main ways to save are: using remnants for smaller projects, choosing darker and more consistent colors, and purchasing wholesale granite.

When most people here the word “wholesale” they often think that items from that wholesale shop are only sold to contractors, big businesses, or designers. But what most homeowners don’t know, is that we sell all of our natural slabs directly to homeowners and contractors alike. That means you’re getting the same great prices as the contractors do.

Now, of course that’s a great benefit, but what else is there?

The benefits to buying wholesale granite:

Buying wholesale granite Denver is your number one way to save hundreds of dollars on your granite slabs and fabrication. Here’s how:

More options & better variety

There are a lot of homeowners who will go directly to the big box stores and big brand names because they are recognizable and easy. The downside is that these places don’t typically carry a wide variety of slabs. Typically they’ll only supply the most consistent and neutral toned stones because they are popular and they will always sell.

When you shop wholesale, you are selecting from a wide range of natural stones, all hand selected for the best possible quality and variety- so there’s something for everyone.

Middle man cut out= lowest prices possible

The middlemen are cut out of the process, meaning all of the granite, marble, quartzite, and onyx is imported directly from quarries around the world.

This means the stones come directly from the quarries. No storage at a warehouse. No switching shipping containers. No moving from one store to another. Just quarry to us. You’d be surprised how much this saves our customers.

By cutting out the steps it takes to get natural stones from quarries into homes, the price is drastically reduced.

wholesale granite

Fabricators separate

All- in- one shops are also commonly chosen by homeowners because everything you need is all in one place. You don’t have to search for a separate fabricator. The downside of this is that these places tend to cost homeowners far more than they expected, and you have no ability to choose or even review their fabricator.

When you purchase wholesale, you are able to choose your fabricator. You’re able to find the best prices and services that fit your needs and budget. We are also able to recommend fabricators that our customers have worked with in the past. We’ve negotiated with these fabricators so that our customers can receive their lowest prices possible- which could save you hundreds!

wholesale granite

Upfront pricing

We believe customers have the right to know the full cost, all up front, without all the run-around. We don’t tack on extra fees at the end, or take you through a sales pitch to get you on board. A renovation is difficult enough, and we want to make it easier.


For a free, no- hassle estimate on wholesale granite, give us a call at: 877-789-0489. Or, you can stop by our granite yard in Wheatridge during any of our business hours, without an appointment. If you prefer to reach out to us online, you can fill out a contact form on our website. There, you can also take a look at our inventory, with all the pricing and pictures.