When it comes to buying granite, things can get a bit overwhelming. You are pressured to choose the right granite for your home while stressing about the cost, installation, fabrication, and measurements. Thankfully there are ways to make your renovation less stressful. One such question is the choice of wholesale vs retail granite. The clear option for ease of mind when renovating your kitchen is the wholesaler. Now, you probably ask what is wholesale? Well, wholesale is when a large quantity of a product is retailed by others. We as a granite wholesaler provide our customers with a wide variety of granite slabs full and half-sized. By stocking a large variety, our clients are confident that they will find the perfect slab for their project. Here is why it is easier to shop wholesale than with other retailers:


In the discussion between wholesale vs retail, you need to know that wholesalers will give you upfront and honest pricing with nothing hidden. Here at Granite Liquidators, we not only give you upfront and true pricing, but we also give you an estimate of your whole project! Most granite retailers don’t give you pricing up front because they are afraid it will scare you away. Here, we give you pricing upfront because we are confident in our numbers and the quality of the product you receive. To make sure their time is made worthwhile, some wholesalers will charge you a fee for just the estimate on a project, where we don’t charge anything. You can expect upfront pricing in a hassle-free estimate.

Actual Slabs

When choosing the right granite for your home, you don’t want to pick from samples. Typically, samples are a small portion of a full slab and they don’t portray the full coloration or patterns correctly. Most homeowners find that when they choose a type of granite from a sample that it looks completely different once its installed. Here at Granite Liquidators, we have the full slabs set up outside. This not only allows you to see the full stone, but it also shows how your stone will look in natural sunlight rather than inside a dark warehouse.

No Fabricator or Contractor Needed

When granite first became popular, you often needed a fabricator or contractor already chosen to purchase granite anywhere. Now you don’t need either one until your stone is purchased and you are ready to install. This allows you to take as much time as you want to make sure you choose the right stone and not be hassled while you negotiate the price. If you purchase from us at Granite Liquidators, we can refer you to some of the top fabricators that we work with for a discounted rate.

Separation with Stone and Fabrication

Some granite retailers who are not wholesale will do all their fabrication needs in house and tack on extra fees that are more expensive than regular fabrication. Since we import mill direct and do not fabricate in house, our pricing is lower and available to the public! Why purchase granite from a place that does it all in house and costs more, when you can buy your stones from us and we will refer you to a fabricator that best fits your specialty needs and budget?

What Makes Us, Us

At Granite Liquidators we want to provide you with a better selection than other retailers and have materials on the ground, ready for you to take home today. No more waiting around for delivery or shipments.  We give you transparent pricing that is honest and true, with nothing hidden or unsaid. We want to provide you with better quality control. Since we order our stones directly from the quarries, we can make sure our product is truly high quality and ready to be installed.

We have changed the way people buy granite overall, and shown why wholesalers are best for the public in the wholesale vs retail discussion. We have taken the stress and worry out and replaced it with excitement and confidence. Home renovations and new builds are stressful as it is and we want to make it as easy as possible. We have over 45 years of experience in the building materials industry and can provide you the best buying experience. We are a family-owned company with people who understand the stress of a home remodeling project. Come by and take a walk around our granite yard and get educated by our knowledgeable stone specialists!