There are a lot of places that consumers can go to when shopping for granite countertops in Denver. With all these options, why choose Granite Liquidators? A lot of these companies make “promises” to set them apart from the others. With Granite Liquidators what you see is what you get!

We want to give you some reasons why you should choose Granite Liquidators for your granite countertop needs:

Why Choose Granite Liquidators: Pride In Creation

Everyone at Granite Liquidators is knowledgeable about granite as a whole and about each individual slab that we have in our inventory. Granite Liquidators does not just sell granite, we have a passion for it!

We take a great deal of pride when we purchase all of our granite slabs. We want to offer our customers the newest colors and patterns so that you can rest assured that you are making a solid choice. You wont have to worry about seeing the “next best thing” after you have made your final purchase with Granite Liquidators.

Why Choose Granite Liquidators: Preferred Fabricator Referrals

The next important task at hand after you have selected your granite countertop is the installation. Not only do you want your granite countertop to have a completely finished look you want to know that your granite countertop is mounted safely.

Granite Liquidators works wilt a handful of preferred fabricators that we make available to every customer. These fabricators are not only some of the best in the industry they offer reduced rates to Granite Liquidator customers!

Why Choose Granite Liquidators: Additional Options

Granite Liquidators is also proud to offer other natural stone selections if a granite countertop is not what you are looking for. We have onyx, marble, and quartzite slabs available for you to see first-hand.

Why Choose Granite Liquidators: A Unique Shopping Experience

Unlike other granite distributors who only provide you with a small square sample to choose from, Granite Liquidators allows you to walk our yard with an educated salesman to view full slabs in person. The slab of granite that you select in the yard will be the same one that is installed in you home.

There are no surprises!

Why Choose Granite Liquidators: Better Than Competitive Prices

Because we purchase directly from some of the most reputable quarries we are able to offer lower prices than some of the other granite companies in town.

Unseen Issues

When making any large purchase you always want to know that you are getting high quality material. Because Granite Liquidators hand picks every slab there are no hidden issues.

All granite slabs have some natural flaws but cracks and fissures that can impact the integrity of a slab are vetted out. This means that you know that you are getting a sound granite countertop.

Hold Up!

Another benefit to purchasing your granite countertop from Granite Liquidators is that we can hold your slab if you are not quite ready for it.

Often time homeowners will find the perfect slab weeks before their fabricator can install. Storing a granite slab at your home is most likely just not a viable option. You can leave your slab with Granite Liquidators where it will remain safe until your install date has arrived.  

If you are in the market for a new granite countertop visit Granite Liquidators today to experience our one of a kind shopping experience!