“Sorry, the price of that granite countertop will be determined by your fabricator”.

How many times have you heard that while on your hunt for new granite countertops? If you’re like any homeowner in the Denver metro area, then the answer is: too many.

Denver granite countertops and their suppliers have a tendency to keep prices in the dark, but why?

The answer is quite simple. Many Denver granite countertops and their suppliers will withhold the prices of their countertops because they want their fabricators to have the ability to further mark up the slab to make as much money off your project as possible.

This is why we’re doing things differently at Granite Liquidators.

denver granite countertops granite liquidators

We believe that you should never be kept in the dark in terms of pricing, especially when doing a home remodel.

That’s why we never try to hide the prices of our granite, marble or quartzite slabs. We like to be transparent with our prices because not knowing the price or cost of your desired materials will be a huge hindrance when trying to budget out your project.

We are so transparent with our pricing, that we even list it on our website!

denver granite countertops granite liquidators

A surprise in itself, you’d think that Denver granite countertop suppliers would release their prices – but they don’t to give their fabricators the ability to make more money off your project. So while our change to the industry standard is small, the result is HUGE. Who would’ve thought that simply telling customers the price of their desired slabs would have such a big impact?

Our customers have told us time and time again that knowing the prices of the slabs they want plays a huge factor in their home remodel projects.

And it should!

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing how much it costs, and your beautiful granite countertops are no different. Largely in part because if you don’t know the cost of your remodel materials then it would make determining your budget much harder.

denver granite countertops granite liquidators

With Granite Liquidators telling you the price of the materials, and giving you the option to choose your fabricator, this puts you at a huge advantage. By knowing the price of the materials, you’ll be able to shop around for the best fabricator that fits all of your needs. Plus, if you own the materials, you’ll only have to pay your fabricator for labor. So rather than you being at the mercy of the fabricator’s pricing, you are in control!