African Tobacco


African Tobacco displays that characteristic hue of brown that appears in variation of tone horizontally across the slab. Placing it on a dark base will allow the space to soak in the rich colors and consistent pattern, filtering your space with warmth.

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Tobacco has been a long-standing industry and popular activity for centuries and still continues to be popular in many areas around the world. Characterized by the dark brown color of the leaves that was originally wrapped in the dark shell of a tobacco leaf. African Tobacco looks as if the colors of the tobacco were dipped into a dish of water and pulled across a sheet of paper to emblazen it with the light and dark brown colors of the tobacco. Creating smooth, liquid lines that melt into each other in their variations of brown.

The neutrality and smooth colors of this slab make it popular for those looking for a stone with a consistent color palette and pattern that will warm the space. Placing this slab on a dark base will allow the room to soak in the colors as the impress upon the space.


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