Alaska Blue


Alaska Blue is one of those slabs that you will not find two of the same. Between the movement offered by the mix of grey, white, and blacks this stone already has a bunch of unique features to it, but the blue that is mixed throughout put this stone on a whole different level.


Alaska Blue granite is a stone named after the particular blue color that can be found in the Alaskan snow. It is a color that is not commonly seen outside of the arctic circle, from the bright whites of the snow mixing together with the shadows of grey and blacks, they all mix together to make a very unique slab. This is the type of blue that you will see in Alaska Blue granite, mixed in hues of grey white and black, in a swirling, wind-like pattern throughout the slab.

The exotic pattern and colors of this slab make it an eye-catching piece that will look best on light wood cabinetry.


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