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When we think of the Alpine we envision what is crisp, clean, and pure and possibly all winter white, but what you really get is so much more. While this white look is popular for the modern home, there are no two pieces alike.

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Have you ever gone gliding over mountains of white, and witnessed all the texture, depth, and richness of color that makes up such rare beauty? With this slab you can bring all of that into your home where it will provide a texture granted by no other surface.The unique patterns of the cavernous black, enriched white, and ash grays, that only nature can provide, will take you over mountains, across frozen rivers and past icy caves, and will leave you gasping for air. As you breathe in, fill your lungs, you will suddenly feel balanced. For you’ve crossed mountains and rivers, passed caves to marvel such beauty. Alpine granite carries this same breath of beauty.

When placed atop a creamy base, those jet blacks will be enhanced in your modern home. These contrasting colors may be similar to colors present in other pieces, but the white mainstay is far more influential in this slab.


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