Antique White


Antique White has black and grey crystals of this stone are spread out so finely, and in such a pattern that they look as if they were hand placed by a jeweler. An ornate work of art, with an antique look and classic colors. It’s hard to go wrong with that.

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If you want to stick to the classic colors of white and black, but want a look that is more interesting, then Antique White might be the one for you. Its antique look is given by its ornate pattern. Looking almost as if it were hand done by a jewelry designer. The fine black and grey crystals spreading finely across the white surface as if instinctually creating a work of art.

The classic colors make this slab great for anyone who wants to stick to a more classic look. The pattern gives the ability to blend that classic look with a bit of ornate detailing that is truly unique.


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