This piece has very marine-like qualities to it, bringing that same tranquility of the sea into your home. The golden browns line the bleached sandy shores that appear in the stone. The waves of blue rush against the shore and show true current.

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Many continental coasts are characterized by their colors, their sand banks, their currents and depths and this is no different for Aquario. Some of the most beautiful coasts have light blue and clear waters with tones of green. The water rushes over the sand and the depths are sometimes shallow enough to create sand banks in which to walk on away from the shore. When you watch from above you watch the swirls of the colors rushed by currents. Like those coasts, the pattern and colors of this granite slab has a current, sand banks, and incredible colors. There are literal waves of blue in this stone that seem to rush to a shore of bleached sand where they meet with golden reefs. The gold and black outline the shores in very defining lines.

Because of the waves in this slab, and the colors, this piece matches a nautical theme quite well if that is your style. But it can be used beautifully for all projects. Bringing out the colors in this stone is easy with base choices that are sandy colored, or a dark wood to bring out the golden browns lining the shores.


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