Avario Brown


The rusty-clay brown and charred look of this stone brings a lot of warmth and character to your design. It is perfect for homes that want to incorporate a rustic style to their design.

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A orange- brown clay pot sat in the fire cooking meals for families for years. The fire would char the clay pot and turn it dark. The color of the pot now altered. Attempting to wash the char away from the pot you find to be unsuccessful. But this washing left a pattern on the clay pot. A pattern of lines and rubbed colors, a static. This is what Aviaro Brown looks like, an orange-brown clay decidedly characterized by the char, made more interesting. It is subtle, and yet more impactful than if the pot had never been used.

Because of the warm colors of this stone, it is typically best for projects with more rustic designs, or designs that want to bring in more earthy tones. The simplicity in this stone makes it advantageous for people who want a subtle design and continuity but still have a beautiful stone.


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