Black Storm


The black and white waves of Black Storm granite are reminiscent of a dark ocean, swirling in a windy ire. It is sure to infuse any room with the same kind of power and movement of the ocean during a great storm.

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Imagine looking out at the ocean in the dead of night. You’re surrounded by it, with no light but the moon and stars, which illuminate the white caps of the churning sea as a storm rages. As the storm surges, the waves crash together, the currents swish and pull and swirl. Black Storm granite has that same intrinsic look. That same stirring tide. Black and white swirl together in this storm with the appearance of a violent current. One that is sure to evoke strong emotions in any viewer. The movement in this stone, paired with the black and white waves, make this a great choice for any small room, where the movement will help to make it appear larger.


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