Bordeaux River


The crystals of this stone run like a river through a sandy desert with large textured mountains. There are tints of orange and shades of grey and sandstone that give this stone a lot of interest with the colors running in a diagonal pattern from one corner to another.

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Bordeaux River shows large crystals flowing diagonally through the stone like a river through sandy desert mountains. The overall sandstone color is textured by various shades of beige and creamy grays and sunset like orange. The pattern runs diagonally from corner to corner. Dark brown and black are shaded into the crevices of this stone which spread out and cluster in various places to form a movement in the stone. Like those artists that complete entire pictures from dots, the black dots cluster to form their images, letting nature be the artist.

By pairing this stone with a stable and neutral base you are allowing this stone to be emphasized by its own pattern of movement. The vibrancy of the colors and pattern will bring vitality to your design and draw the eye wherever it is placed.


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