The speckled pattern of Copenhagen starts with smaller brown and black dots in the center and works outwards towards larger brown and black splotches that really add dimension to this slab. There are fades of grey in  the center and blends with browns towards the edges.

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Starting from the center of Copenhagen granite you see the brown and black specks that start as small dots and grow in size when moving outwards towards the edges of the stone creating a dimensional image that you can imagine falling into. There is more smudged grey in the center blending with the dots and the variations of brown and cream colored parts of the stone. Again, moving outwards the stone changes and shows more shades of brown than grey. looking as if it was intentionally shaded from one dark spectrum to the next.

This stone would look beautiful on a dark base that would allow the smaller brown and grey tones to be embellished. Even though the pattern isn’t consistent, there is less movement in this stone than in others, leaving it as a versatile option for those who still want a semi-classic look.


Primary Color(s)


Other Industry Names(AKA)


Material Type




Available Finishes


Approximate Slab Size

3 CM


Primary Color(s): White

Other Industry Names(AKA): N/A

Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Approximate Slab Size: 3 CM