Crazy Horse


The grey overtone of the black specks and large patches of black crystal the dance over the white base of this slab. The movement in this pattern combined with the neutral tones make this stone ideal for those who want a classic style with more of a crazy edge to it.

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The blocks of different colored stones in various sizes that scatter across Crazy Horse look as if the hooves of a wild horse stamped their mark across this slab. The pattern of this stone features creamy tones of white, grey, and black that appear like crystals. The grey overtone of this stone is created by the mixture of the white background and small specks of black that move throughout the stone in between the larger blocks of color. There are faint hints of grey that fade through various parts of the stone, giving it a unique and sometimes hidden tone that really comes to life in the right light.

The semi-singular tone of this slab makes it a versatile option for those looking for a more neutral color palette. The movement in this pattern collides with a more classic look to create a truly unique design.


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