Crystallo Quartzite is a gorgeous, transparent stone that will fit perfectly with a wide array of styles. The intrigue and movements of the veining makes this quartzite a pleasure to admire in your kitchen or bathroom. Because of it’s neutral color pallet, it would work great with a minimalist style of white cabinets and white flooring. It would also stand out with natural wood cabinets for a more rustic look, because of the gold and tan veining throughout. 

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Crystallo Quartzite is a remarkable stone full of character and prestige. The stone features a crystalline landscape of quartz deposits and sparkling specks of crystal. This soft and airy color pallet will bring a sense of calm and sophistication to any application. Admire the seemingly jagged movement of golds and greys in varying directions throughout the stone. Interestingly enough, Crystallo Quartzite is a transparent stone which allows for even more beautiful when the right light is applied towards it.


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