Dallas White


In the sands of deserts you see subtle ripples of color and variation in the vast consistency. The variations of color in this piece of granite bring with them the same presence as those ripples, creating a consistent, yet timeless piece.

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The white plains of the Texas desert are striking in their consistency. The white sands spread across the land in a blanket of grained color. Unapologetically the grains sweep over each other in their vast territory. The reign of the sands is unrivaled, uncontested, unmatched. But it can’t help but be imperfect. It can’t help but be looked upon in beauty by the sun. Bleached by the sun, and charred in more places than none- the ash characterizes it all. Just as the desert sands carry these characteristics of being vast, striking, and unabashedly imperfect, so goes this piece of granite. While not having long strands of crystals or carved texture and color, Dallas White brings more consistency while still carrying the impact that granite has in a home.

This style is often used for a soft look in the kitchen with light or white cabinetry, giving you that same reign over your domain as the sands have over the plains.


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