Everest White


With brown veins and hints of gold and silvers splashed across its cream-white surface, Everest White is a selection that offers unique appeal to those designing around a lighter color scheme. Colorful yet subtle, Everest White can work well either as a centerpiece or as a more secondary attraction of the space it occupies.

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Everest is known for its height and snow-capped mountains. The stone and dirt below are covered with sweeps of icy grey and white frost crystallizing in the crisp air. This same sweep of crystallization appears in the texture and pattern of Everest White. In this slab the white ice shards mix with winter grey and earthy colors of gold and brown veins that almost appear like black ice. The winter scene created in this slab has soft movement and beautiful lines that add a calming and elegant feel to a room.

The crisp lines and neutral colors make this stone the right choice for those who want a lighter color pallet while still getting high impact from the pattern of the slab.


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