Genesis Gold


Genesis Gold combines warm shades of sandy yellow and amber with cool blue-grey and white tones. The warm tones and soft color of this stone will add light and energy to your design. perfect for anyone looking for soft earthy tones.

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This golden yellow stone looks like spills of rusty gold over compact pebbles and stones outlined by strands of black, brown, and gold. There are tiny dots of blue that give Genesis Gold its texture and pattern dimension. When you look closely at the stone it is hard to believe that the colors are not simply liquids poured into a mold with instructions to pool around dark brown and rusty gold lines of crystal The dots of blue so precisely creating a more defined and deepened pattern.

The warm tones in this stone pair well with decor or design that is more rustic, earthy, and has more of a soft pallet. But the neutrality of the overall color of the stone makes this slab very versatile.


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