Giallo Napoli


There are few pieces that have the versatility that the Giallo Napoli has. Whether you desire a style that is rustic, farm, charm, or classic, there is no other choice.

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Stand in the middle of your kitchen, bathroom, home. Move around your space envisioning your new reality. Is it a room with mahogany wood, large leafed plants, and undertones of gold? Or, is it a room with black cabinetry, wide open windows, steel appliances? Or do you take a step further, outdoors, a stone grill surrounded by smooth granite that compliments the rich colors of the land? Can you decide at all? There are few pieces that can compliment any style, adapt to any changes in cabinetry, and be versatile enough to use in any room ( or outdoors). It’s slabs like Giallo Napoli that can even lead you in design inspiration.

If you’re looking for a granite that will compliment any style, whether decided upon or not, the rusted gold undertones, creamy mainstay, and specks of black come together in this piece to give you the perfect match to any style desired.


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