Giallo Napolitano


Giallo Napolitano displays hints of gold, vanilla, and sandstone, with various dots of burgundy and lines of black. These colors are held together in a fairly consistent pattern. With the pattern and the natural tones this stone is a versatile option for any base and a multitude of designs.

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Giallo Napolitano displays a swirling mix of light earthy tones. Hints of gold twist around colors of vanilla and sandstone. Dots of burgundy accent the colors in the slab while fine lines of black weave into the gaps. While there is an overall beige overlay, the mix of tones give this slab dimension. The pattern is fairly consistent, and showing little movement, but the jaggedness of the colors in the slab still give off an interactive appearance.

The neutral colors of this slab will compliment any rustic or earthy design, and bring warmth to any space. The black and brown in this stone make it a versatile option that can be paired nicely with a wide range of bases.


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