Giallo Ornamental


Giallo Ornamental is one of the most popular styles of granite in the world. Recognizable by its warm, yellow-gold appearance and brown/beige markings, it can be paired with a wide variety of color schemes. We have seen it used successfully alongside white, classic oak, or even dark-cherry colored trimmings.

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Like the Giallo Napoli, the Giallo Ornamental carries the specks of black and gold throughout, but more consistently, and less embellished. This gives the slab a rich warmth and fluidity. The creaminess is more accentuated and it works with the dark hues to compliment itself. Never making too much noise, but luring you in by sweet melody. As one of the most popular styles of granite throughout the world it is recognizable by it’s warm, yellow gold tinctures and strands and markings in brown/ black.

If you want to make a statement in your home, but want something a little more subtle that compliments the other pieces in the room rather than steals the show, then Giallo Ornamental is that piece you’re looking for.


Primary Color(s)


Other Industry Names(AKA)

Giallo Santo

Material Type




Available Finishes


Approximate Slab Size

3 CM


Primary Color(s): N/A

Other Industry Names(AKA): Giallo Santo

Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Approximate Slab Size: 3 CM

Additional information

Stone Inches

76" x 116" Largest