Golden Stallion


The overall blue tone of this stone is calming, but it has the energy and movement of a wild stallion. If you are looking for a drawing piece with cool tones, this stone will surely bring the gold.

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Like a prize stallion this stone this stone has graceful movement and beauty, and bold strength in its color and pattern. It has characteristics that are shared by no other. Which makes it such a winner. But every stallion has that wildness in it, even when refined, it shines through. This slab displays the same graceful movements of a golden stallion, and lets loose a little wildness in its colors and the way it moves. The blue is prominent in this stone but thin and fluid lines of white, gold, silver, and black create waves throughout the stone that display this wildness, but also the grace.

The color pallet and movement in this stone are are cool and rich. Because this slab sticks within the range of blue it would pair beautifully with a black or white base but has so many possibilities for putting it on subtle display. If you want a more cool tone for your design this stone will surely bring the gold.


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