Ice Crystal


The translucent nature of this marble slab grabs light in it's crystals and displays them with an elegant color, adding warmth and depth to this otherwise icy slab. This grants many creative opportunities such as back-lighting applications.

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In an icy winter we walk out with our coats pulled shut, out mittens tight, and our boots warm. There’s a lake behind the house lined with lighted trees. It’s getting late. The night sky setting. The air chilled. We sit at the edge of the frozen lake to put our skates on. Then step out, feet gliding across the smooth surface. The fading light dancing across the crystal lake. in some patches the surface has darkened, black flecks scattered. In others there are light grays and textured whites. Then there are moments, as we glide along, where the light catches in the crystals of the ice, where I can see the light shine straight through. The deep swirls of the ice capture the whispers in the wind, and that’s where they show their true colors.

Capturing that same “translucence” in ice, and maintaining that sense of wonder and beauty we see on that frozen lake, marble slabs like Ice Crystal offer that perfect elegance to your home. Because of it’s natural ability to capture light and warmth in it’s otherwise icy composure, it can be used for many unique and creative design opportunities, (think back-lighting). A light grey cabinet, or continue with the icy white, or any one of the various options that would enhance with crystallizing piece.


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