Juparana Casablanca


Juparana Casablanca combines the typical Juparana colors, the intense blue, rustic gold, and sandy grains that swirl together to contradict in their both warm and cool tones. There are few stones that can contain such contradicting colors and be as beautiful.

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Juparana Casablanca is characterized by the swirls and veins of peach, yellow, grey, and blue that are typical to all Juparana granite. The copper and gold ingrained in this stone twist with an incredible turquoise blue which creates a contrast of both cool and warm tones. There are few stones that capture the two contrasting hues so beautifully. The colors work together to accent each other for a natural and rustic style.

Juparana Casablance is often placed on a light stained wood base that really compliments the light sand and gold colors within the slab. Because of the contrasting cool and warm tones allows for a lot of versatility when using this stone for any project.