Juparana Expresso


The espresso browns and creamy caramel and gold colors of this stone flow horizontally in a tranquil and fluid way. The strands string together in an elegant and soothing tone that is perfect for those looking for a more dark but smooth style.

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Like espresso grains mixing with hot water and swirling around as they brew, then pouring as fluid down into your cup. The light brown and creamy foam swirls around on the surface, flowing tranquilly before disturbed. The caramel color of the swirls give its stirring texture. A flow that encompasses so many rich tones of brown. The golden strands swim horizontally across the slab past knots and flowing strips of dark brown and black, creating the elegant and fluid scene of Juparana Expressso granite.

By pairing this stone with a black base the color pallet will flow together in a deeply intrinsic way. There are many ways this stone can be used, if you want a an elegant and classy style for your design.


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