Kashmir White


Looking for a basic and/or neutral granite? While this piece meets that request, there are few pieces quite like this one.  The splashes of black and the faded washes of gold blend beautifully with the cream tincture of the stone creating a well balanced and soft granite for any project.

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Soft tones of gold, tiny droplets of black, and pebbles of brown of Kashmir White swim around in a sea of vanilla cream. The colors gently hug you, inviting you to sit down with them in a setting that is both neutral and comforting. There are few tones that can add depth, balance, and accent to a room quite the way this granite can.

Due to the neutrality, this granite can best draw the eye by being paired with a dark or chocolaty base that will set the tone for the room. The subtle influences of the tints that make up this piece create a neutral granite that would accent will in any setting.


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