Lapidus is comprised of grains of warm gold strands that outline caramel colored grains, and highlighted by streams of grey with hidden hints of steel blue. This stones natural tones pair well with wood stains that highlight the warm overtones of this unique stone.

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Imagine the edge of the beach as it meets with the water. The pebbles line the sands and add their dark colors and texture.As the water washes over the beach it drains away in strands and waves of blue and creamy foam. Such is Lapidus, with its dark brown pebbles scattered across its grains. The caramel, gold, and sandy colors washed with streams of grey that navigate their way through the slab.

This stone is unique in its speckled pattern and warm caramel colors that wrap around you like your foot in the sand. This stone is often utilized for its natural and warm colors and paired with a light stained wood base that highlights the colors smoothly.


Primary Color(s)


Other Industry Names(AKA)


Material Type




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Approximate Slab Size

3 CM


Primary Color(s): Gold

Other Industry Names(AKA): N/A

Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Approximate Slab Size: 3 CM