If there was ever a stone that was a true masterpiece this would be it. Luminescent in nature, this stone captures the light through its crystalline surface, essentially glowing.

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You can admire Lumix the same way you admire a painting, a work of art, a work of nature. The whole piece is comprised of large clear and clouded crystals separated only by the weaves of white, stains of gold, and strands of deep brown that run in strong, bold lines throughout the work. Looking as if nature intended to place them there, to dramatize its own work. The strands reach out to each other across the crystalline surface. The stains of gold bleed from those lines like into paper, creating an enchanting effect.

But the way the colors run across the surface isn’t what makes this granite unique. The name Lumix is representative of the lumination that comes from the stone by light, and by night due to it’s entirety as a clouded crystal. In essence, it glows. We’ve seen masterpieces created with this granite. Some have used it as a literal piece of art above their bed, with the light behind it to maximize the detail. Pairing it with a base that is dark in color emphasizes the natural luminescence in the stone.


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