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Marine Black


Marine Black, as a statement piece, is a versatile and bold color that pairs well with almost any tone. The natural stone of these easy to apply veneers adds texture to any design.

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Black is a very representative color. It carries the reputation for being the color of mystery, the color of night, the color of modernity. It’s known for being sleek and altering. It can be viewed as a stance, a statement, or an act of rebellion. Black is such an emotional color, and when used in a room, can least a lasting impact on those who enter. You can manipulate the emotions and energy of the room by how you use the color and where. Doing so can create any mood you’re trying to represent.

Design isn’t just about what looks good, it’s about the way the design makes us feel. Whether it be comfort, warmth, energy, serenity, or bold; choosing the right materials requires these considerations. By choosing natural stone veneers for your design you are choosing an element of texture and depth that the room might otherwise not receive. Cover one entire wall as an accent or full on declaration. Use it as wainscoting on the front of your house to tell the neighbors what you really think of a basic home. Wrap it around columns or use it to surround your fireplace with something new and bold. The choice is yours.

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6" x 24"


1.5 CM to 2 CM

Units Per Case

6 SQ FT or 6 Tiles