The stormy colors of this stone will leave with memories of days spent inside with cozy sweaters and warm socks, hot beverage in hand as you sit by the window at the grey sky. Those days when there are no plans, and time moves calmly. Relax in the soft gray and white streaks that spread across Monterra.

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A grey and stormy sky, sleet rain falling diagonally to the Earth. Inside your home you grab a warm cup of tea and sit by the window in a warm sweater, watching the rain. The grey and white streak across the sky, making the warmth of your home all the more comforting. Monterra, with its cool grey shades washing across the stone. When this stone is brought into your home, you are reminded of these rainy days of indoor bliss. You’ll grab your hot beverage and breathe in deeply, relaxed in the mindset of a day where nothing is required of you. The soft colors and pattern of this stone are set to soothe, making your space one full of cozy days by your window.

Match this stone with stainless steel, or porcelain white, a palette that works with the colors to stretch the tones of the stone further. Or, pair it will black to make those grays stand out even further, wrapping the room in a more darkened tone.


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