Netuno Bordeaux


With colors so notoriously praised by the ancient astronomers as they looked at the starry heavens at the planet they named Jupiter, it’s hard to go wrong. The warm colors and bold lines are strong characteristics that will be praised in your home for years to come.

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The warm colors and and striking lines  of Netuno Bordeaux are very similar to the surface of Jupiter. As the largest planet in our solar system it has been recognized even by astronomers of ancient times, who named the planet after their god Jupiter. Just like the great planet’s surface, the wide streaks of sandy gold, brown and gray wash over a base of creamy vanilla. These warm colors move across the slab in a slow and unguided pattern that is broken up by spaces of the vanilla base.

These warm colors of Netuno Bordeaux are often paired with a stained wood base that matches the natural tones in the stone. Bring in these other world colors into your home for a warm look that even the ancients praised.


Primary Color(s)


Other Industry Names(AKA)

Bordo River

Material Type




Available Finishes


Approximate Slab Size

3 CM


Primary Color(s): Gold

Other Industry Names(AKA): Bordo River

Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Approximate Slab Size: 3 CM