New Caledonia


The neutral overtone of this blue-slate grey slab bring a classic look to any design. Upon closer inspection this stone displays dynamic colors of black, cream, light grey, and soft brown that fuse together to form a static and consistent look.

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New Caledonia looks like tiny light brown pebbles encased in cream and black with light hints of grey speckled across the slab. These combine to create a static blue, consistent pattern with an overall bluish grey tone. This classic stone has a texture that is subtle at a distance, but on closer look becomes more dynamic and colorful. The neutral coloring makes this stone highly versatile, easy to accent, and adaptable to many different design concepts.

The neutral tones of this slab may pair well with most styles, but particularly compliments bases of cream or white. If you are planning for a modern or classic style then this stone may be exactly what you are looking for.


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