Ocean Fantasy


In the depths of the ocean, on the sea floor were the fine sand collects, there is life hidden within the waves of deep black, grey, and ashy brown. Just like the deep oceans and swirls of dark grained sand, life lives within in this Ocean Fantasy.

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In the deepest crevices of the dark ocean, the world changes. The sands at the bottom appears dark and fine, like a mist the stirs with the activity of the sea life that hide within its grains. The waves of the deep ocean floor have been seen by few, the vastness far greater than our imagination. Its mystery becomes our fantasy. As the grey washes with the dark brown grains and melted black run fluidly over Ocean Fantasy like the fine sand grains of the ocean floor.

It is the consistently liquid appearance of the colors that give this piece the mysterious energy that it carries. Pair this stone with a dark or grey base and bring the ocean floor to life.


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