Ornamental Guidoni


Ornamental Guidoni looks as if you have a bird’s eye view over a northern coast. A beach made of black, brown, vanilla, and crystal stones. This is the type of stone that will look great on a black or dark base, which will bring out the finer details in this light stone.

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When you look at Ornamental Guidoni, you might imagine yourself looking down at a cold shoreline made of small stones and pebbles. Black, grown, and cream colored stones all mixed together in a sort of collage. Creating one large, and beautiful image. From above you see tracks. Areas where it looks as though someone had dragged something across the beach, leaving only lines behind. This is what you will see in Ornamental Guidoni, that mixture of clear crystal, black, brown, and vanilla looking pebbles with a few random streaks passing through.
This is a stone that can be paired well with wood cabinets as well as white or dark colored cabinets. It would look best on a black base, where the fainter details in the stone will become more prominent.


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