Persa Beige


Persa is the name known for the dark greyish-blue color of this stone. It is further characterized by the large patches of beige and sandstone with inlays of rusty gold. It is perfect for those looking to keep soft colors with a high impact stone.

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Persa is the name given for a dark greyish-blue color, which is seen in Persa Beige granite. It’s characteristic color mixes with crystals of black and large patches of beige and sandstone, which is rimmed with gold overtones. Grainy bits of the rusty gold are woven into the pattern intermittently. The crystal appearance of the black within the persa are what truly makes this stone so unique, as they add a texture and pattern that some stones don’t always pull off so beautifully.

The quieter colors of this stone are great for designs that want movement and a high impact accent while still keeping the color pallet more neutral. A white or black base will do this stone justice.


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