Sienna Bordeaux


The Earth has a natural movement and flow. Its own veins and patterns.With Sienna Bordeaux you are getting that same energy and flow in your home that the Earth provides for itself.

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Throughout time the stones of the Earth have shifted, rocks have drifted, lava has flowed from the depths of the oceans cracks. It flowed across the lands, creating veins of deep red, thrown it’s black ash in violent spews, and created waves and ripples that hardened to core. Sienna Bordeaux has encapsulated all the very beautiful reactions and movements of the lava flows that have given Earth some very unique characteristics, and lands. With its tinged reds, rusted grains of gold, splashes of black, and extensive crystal veins flowing through its sandy frame, it’s a force of nature to be reckoned with.

The ash from volcanoes may have darkened the skies, but this piece will bring the warmth and light to your project. Because of the pattern you can count on a sense of movement in the design which will give any room the flow and energy that most desire in their home.


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