Splendor Gold


Gold compliments everything. The dark crystals that spread throughout the stone only serve to jewel the gold overtones of this stone. Making it a one of a kind piece for any design.

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Splendor Gold is called so for its jeweled appearance. The quartz black crystals bejewel the gold surface of this slab making it a dynamic and warm, but intrinsically elegant. Gold has moved whole populations across the country in its pursuit. It has mesmerized men and women alike for centuries. has been used as decoration for princes and pharaohs across the globe, and has even been the subject of mysteries such as that of golden temples, hidden treasure, and incredible quests. Gold and crystal have always been desirable, and will continue to be desired as a beautiful feature of your own palace… um, home.

Gold compliments everything. But looks particularly beautiful when put on a dark pedestal. The texture of this stone creates a lot of movement and dark tones which are complimented by the warm tones of the gold overlay. These features create a stone that will shine brilliantly in any room.


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