Splendor White


The spackled jet black crystals, vanilla whites, and smokey grays of Splendor White are accented by wisps of peach and inlaid gold. This slab is a dynamic and versatile stone that would be an eye drawing part of any design.

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Like a mosaic, shattered pieces of stone aligned in their odd shapes and unmatched colors they are assembled to create a work of art. With shards of jet black and glistening white crystals mixed with edgy grays and beautiful strands of rusty gold embedded in the deep black. Accented by a light peach color seeps into the corner like a watercolor on paper. There are few pieces that have overall white, black, and grey scene, that also has a peachy or blushed color faded into the stone with bits of gold embedded like jewels like Splendor White.

Because of the spackled details of this unique slab, a room with colors that accent or match the smaller tones hidden in the stone would make those particular pieces stand out more in the room. This would tie the design together more fully. Nonetheless, that shouldn’t shy you away from using the stone in other ways as well. The black and white tones of this stone make this slab a versatile piece in your design.


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