Splendour Creme Leathered


Splendor Crème Leathered is one of the most unique slabs we’ve ever had. It’s sandy overtone and shiny crystals that look like the insides of sea shells is something everyone should see in person.

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Have you ever looked at the inside of a shell on the beach, and witnessed it glisten in the light, giving off its subtle metallic colors? Or how about seen the high gloss shine from a broken piece of glass? In a way, Splendor Crème is like walking on a beach full of shells and shiny black sea glass. The stone has a sandy beige overtone with black and metallic, shell like colors scatter in clusters across the stone. The leathered surface gives you the unique chance to run your fingers over the crystals, furthering your sense of wonder over such a unique stone. This unique stone would be perfect for a sea themed bathroom or home, and would look great on many different bases.


Primary Color(s)


Other Industry Names(AKA)


Material Type




Available Finishes


Approximate Slab Size

3 CM


Primary Color(s): gold

Other Industry Names(AKA): N/A

Material Type: Granite

Country: Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Approximate Slab Size: 3 CM


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