Super White


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Super White looks like a frozen-over river that once flowed. Now all motion frozen, trapped, creating a stirring look within the stone. The grey and whitewash of this stone may give it the look of marble, but it is actually Dolomite, a much stronger and water-resistant stone.


Super White has the appearance of a frozen over lake or river. Its patches of pure white bubble up over the light grey overtone of this stone. It has an almost clear, crystal-like surface. Giving it the appearance of a once flowing river, now paused in time, waiting for the spring thaw. The slow movement within also paused, but giving off a stirring look.

While this stone may appear to be marble, and is often categorized as such, it is actually a stone called Dolomite, made from calcium and magnesium. It is a much stronger, more water resistant stone than marble. Many stone companies like to advertise it as marble because of the similar appearance and notoriety that marble has. But we are committed to our customers and want to provide the most accurate information possible.


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