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Teak Sandstone


Teak Sandstone is a stone that brings a lot of natural light and warmth to any room. It pairs well with creamy colors that really compliment the tones in the stones.

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Imagine a bathroom. Now, tear it down and build your dream bathroom. There is a wall in the back completely covered in sandstone. There are two windows along that wall allowing great light to flow through the room. In between the windows and against the sandstone is a gold railed cart carrying two pillared candles. In front of that is a gorgeous porcelain claw tub. Take a step down and the front of the tub is lined with white and cream colored candles of all sizes. The floors are a light stone with matte finish and the walls surrounding you are a creamy beige with crackled paint. Teak Sandstone brings you this draw, this come-to-me pull. Its natural warm pervades the room and creates a soothing atmosphere.

Teak sandstone veneers have an unquestionable beauty that matches well with all neutral and creamy colors for that very dreamy, cottage, or rustic look. Achieve your dream space by allowing Teak Sandstone to show you the light.

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6" x 24"


1.5 CM to 2 CM

Units Per Case

6 SQ FT or 6 Tiles