Tiger Gold


Tigers are one of the most identifiable creatures in the wild. Known for their golden coat, characterized by jet black stripes and white undercoat. Tiger Gold shares the same intense features of gold and strips of black with a white undercoat.

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Tigers are identified by their golden fur and characteristic black stripes and white underfur. Such is Tiger Gold, with can be recognized by its strips of grey and shards of jet black. The intense gold lines the strips and fades into the granite as an accent color to its creamy colored overlay. The intensity of these colors is a perfect representation of a domineering cat in the deep wild. The strong colors and impactful pattern leave a lasting impression on all that encounter it.

There are few stones that capture such intensity and movement within their design. With this exotic slab, the creative uses of this stone are endless. It can be used to accent a room, and give any space flow and motion.


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