Viscon White


The slate colors of this stone are like the drippings of black paint into milky water, creating a unique design in the stone that brings a lot of movement to any design. This stone is typically paired with darker bases to complement its pallet.

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Viscon White has a unique pattern that looks as if someone had started painting their masterpiece in all white, and cleaned their brush into a glass of water. Which consequently turned into a glass of swirling white. The painter then began painting with black, and dipped their brush into the opaque glass. The result being smokey streams of grey and black shrouding the milky water. Leaving uncontrolled waves of colors mixing together beautifully.

These slate colors are often paired magically with a black or white base to compliment the pallet. The movement in the stone brings life to the hard lines of the more modern designs that this slab often accents.


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